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India is defined by the chaos of its many cultures. A melting pot of the delectable variety of its people, it makes for quite a tasty affair. Each city with a flavour of its own, with spicy dispositions and honeyed welcomes.
Whether it’s the golgappas of Delhi or the dosas of the south, food is the way Indians have always expressed themselves.

Chaos Control Cafe is that expression of desi that we all have in us. Bringing to you the finest and rarest flavours from all over the country, its India on a plate. Savour the experience of the various options that we offer. The CCC is here to present the colourful chaos that is Indian cuisine, with some extra tadka!

To absolutely die for is the combination of the Varanasi Toast that melts succulent in your mouth, with our storm-in-a-cup chai from Kolkata that is served in the traditional matkas. One of our widely loved item is the heavenly Dudh
nath ka Paan. With chocolate added to the mix, the paan makes for a very interesting dessert choice. Just as our Shivratan ka Sherbet that is made specifically to energize the body in an instant in the most enticing manner.